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Mosques in Moscow

Posted by Muslim Student Network on May 10, 2009

I’m sure you are aware by now that there aren’t that many mosques in Moscow as there are back home. Despite the inadequacy, solat still remains a must and an obligation that needs to be fulfilled. Even though not many places have a special prayer room built for the need of us Muslim, actually you may perform solat at anywhere as long as you feel comfortable.

Careful planning is needed and essential when one is planning to go shopping, traveling and etc. Be sure to wear a clean attire and one that covers your aurat as not only does it pleases Allah taa’la but enables and eases you in performing the obligatory solat wherever and whenever. Furthermore to be on the safe side, always bring a compass (for the Qiblah) and a timetable for prayer with you. You can download the monthly update from PPIM or KUMOSC blog.

Where ever you are in Moscow, do not skip your obligatory solat.If you are facing a problem that related to qiblah ( i.e you will start puzzling and arguing with your friends : “which is the right qiblah?” or anything related to it ) in a case you forgot to bring the compass, please remember what is Allah taa’la saying in the Surah Al-Baqarah ( i.e chapter 2 ), verse 115 :

“And to Allah belong the east and the west,so wherever you turn ( yourselves or your faces ) there is the Face (Countenance ) of Allah.Surely! Allah is All-Sufficient for His creature’s needs, All-Knowing.”

Surely you could solve the problem, if you really understand the verse whole-heartedly. Allah is the Most Merciful and the Most Forgiveness. So, don’t have to worry so much.

Generally, there are 5 well-known Mosques in Moscow.


1. Blue Mosque.

Off Durova St., Mira Prospect No.7, Vipolsov by street, Moscow, Russia.
Phone: +7495 2814904
Metro : Proskpet Mira (Yellow Line).

2. Historical Mosque of Moscow.

historical mosque

Bolshaia Tatarskaia st, 28, Moscow, 115184, Russia.
Phone: +74959518448
Metro: Tretiakovskaia or Novokuzneckaia (Yellow or Green Line).

3. Memorial Mosque.

Memorial Mosque

Minskaya Street, Moscow, Russia.
Metro: Park Pobedy (Blue Line).

4. Yardam Mosque


ул. Хачатуряна, № 8
Metro: Otradnoe (Grey Line – North side)

5. MILOST Muslim Organization

ул. Адмирала Лазарева
Metro: Bulval Admiral Ushakova (Blue Line – South side), Also can be reached from Metro Yacenevo (Orange Line) then take bus No 710.


One Response to “Mosques in Moscow”

  1. Anna Amin said

    there’s a new halal restaurant now in Moscow. Right in front of RSMU medik hostel. at the corner of Ulitsa Akademika Volgina & Ulitsa Ostrovityanova. The restaurant is called Kafe Halal (Кафе Халяль)

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