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Learning System

Posted by Muslim Student Network on May 11, 2009

Every class is very important as you will be tested with quizzes. (kontrol) The marks and your commitment in classes will be evaluated at the end of semester. So, be prepared before classes begin.

At the end of a topic learned, you will be tested by colloquium. All Kontrols & Colloqs must be passed in order to get Zahcut (credit). You need to acquire zachuts for all subjects in a particular semester in order to sit for exams.

Exam is usually conducted in MCQ, oral, or practical manner. It’s not that hard to get a ‘Pyat’ (5) if you have prepared well.

Attire to the class: Dress smartly as impressions count. Do not forget to bring the gloves & forceps for anatomy classes.

For the sake of your future, please improve on your Russian. Don’t skip the classes as that language will be the most  important element during the practical classes and upon preparing a report.


2 Responses to “Learning System”

  1. me said

    is it true that for MARA sponsors or any sponsors, if you got 3 for finals, your monthly elauns will be cut a little bit? Does it happened ??

    • Mohd Hazreen said

      not true but there should be no reason for an excuse to get 3. not getting a 3 isn’t really that hard actually.

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