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May 1 2009

Posted by Muslim Student Network on May 11, 2009

Celebration in Russia : ‘Labor Day.’

Our activity : “Inter-Usrah Games.”
Note : Students from – Sechenov MMA ( M1 ), RSMU ( M2 ), and MAI.

Note : we were playing futsal and ‘baling selipar’ ( traditional game ) – The main games,
by the way, some students took their opportunity for playing basketball too.


One Response to “May 1 2009”

  1. shahrial yusof said

    asalamalaikum brothers and sister . my name is shahrial from Malaysia. i wanted to open up Malaysian fushion halal restaurant in Russia. but i needed help.. i know nothing bout Rusia, the culture and the food they love to eat.. if i open one would they like it.. it will be insyallah 100%halal.. i will the chef and few others will be helping me out…my email ply reply insyallah. tq. salam.

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