Studying in Russia

~Your Survival Guide~

Weather or Season

Posted by Muslim Student Network on May 11, 2009

Moscow climate is made up of two discernable seasons:  Winter and Summer.

The winter can be exciting and adventurous if you are well prepared. Travelling to classes can be quite cumbersome as you need to deal with snow that has bonded to the pavement surface. It usually starts in November till March. The lowest recorded temperature is -42°C, though 7-10°C is more common.

Comes early spring, the roads are soaking wet with melting snow. The days are getting brighter and warmer and you can sense the atmosphere of change.

Summer arrives almost abruptly in May and temperatures are comfortable until well into late August. The highest recorded temperature is 39°C, although on a humid August day you can tell it’s actually hotter. It’s the time for some good old outdoors.

To many, the favorite seasons are early summer – with its long days, and early autumn – with its colorful foliage, and temperature that feels just about right.


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