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Halal Goods

Posted by Muslim Student Network on May 16, 2009

Halal frozen chickens “Doux” imported from France are sold at :

1. Hiroshima hostel. Floor 6 ½- by PPIM-Volgograd. They are bought in bulk from a market located far from city centre.

2. Some at Park House

3. Produkti ‘Gurman’ at улица рокосовсково 1.

At Gurman, you can also get other halal products such as chicken fillet, meats, kolbasa, sausages and cutlets. Ps: it is not a fully-halal produkti. So,look out for the ‘halal’ label on its packaging.

Other than that, masjid serves halal goods usually during Friday prayers, or during eid.

Restaurants: not many, and no specific ‘halal’ restaurant. Just some fast food restaurants which serve fish burgers, seafood pizzas, etc.


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