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Halal Goods

Posted by Muslim Student Network on May 16, 2009


Halal frozen chickens “Doux” imported from France are sold at many Produkti (shops). There are also other Russian Muslim companies which provide Halal frozen chickens like “Tver” etc.

Meats, Sausages & Kolbasa can be bought at :

  • All Masjid’s produkti
  • Tyuplistan Market,
  • Ashan Supermarket,
  • Apelsin Market,
  • Yuzhnaya Halal Store,
  • A specific halal shop in the market in front of Sportivnaya Hostel
  • and many other halal Produkti.

Halal restaurants in Moscow:

  • Cafe at Proskpet Mira Mosque.
  • Cafe at Tretyakovskaya Mosque.
  • Барбекю Restaurant (in Ashan City)
  • Livan House (in Ashan Kapitol)
  • Saltenas Restaurant (Mega)
  • and other restaurants that put the Halal Certificate on display.

Few Restaurant/Kiosk which is in DOUBT (syubhah) serving halal foods:

  • Cимбад near to PFU Student’s Hostel
  • Cимбад near to RSMU Student’s Hostel
  • Кебаб Xаус Restaurant (Mega, Kalushkaya) **sometimes
  • Kebab & Kuri Grill’s Kiosk (LeninskyProspekt Metro)

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