Studying in Russia

~Your Survival Guide~

Shopping in Moscow

Posted by Muslim Student Network on May 17, 2009

Main Shopping Complexes:

  • MEGA
  • GUM
  • Manesh Mall
  • Kalushkaya Mall
  • Rio
  • Kievsky Europa
  • Ashan Kapitol
  • Ashan City


  • IKEA
  • OBI


  • ASHAN (Mega, Universitet, Belyaevo)
  • Kvartal
  • Perekrestok
  • Viktoria

Electric & Electronic:

  • Bagrad
  • Novi Cheremushki
  • Savelovskaya
  • Eldorado


  • Tyupli-Stan Rinak
  • Vietnam Rinak
  • Yugo Zapadnaya Rinak


  • Arbat Street
  • Ismailovskaya
  • VDNH
  • Manesh Mall

** The Sales & Clearing Stock usually start from the New Year until end of January. The prices would be cut up to 70%.


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