Studying in Russia

~Your Survival Guide~

Important Tips and Advices

  1. Try to brush up on your Russian. They come in handy ALL the time.
  2. Always take care of your health especially during the winter.
  3. Study smart.
  4. Get to know your other comrades.
  5. Contact your seniors if you have any problem.
  6. Keep the Embassy phone no. in your mobile.
  7. Always bring your passport/documents everywhere you go.
  8. Avoid going out at night. If you really need to, walk in a group.
  9. Call home at least twice a month.
  10. Do not miss Solat and Quran recital everyday.

3 Responses to “Important Tips and Advices”

  1. человек почвой источники said

    Smart giler!! This website deserves a bow, huhu..keep up the good work!!

  2. Siti rabiatul adawiyah said


    I have just finished my SPM last year. I am planning to do my Medic in Russia but still undecided which U? ,either in MMA or RSMU, Kurk or Volgograd. Pse advise

    • mohamad raimi said

      wasalam. .

      Well, I think, better you discover and decide by yourself. Sometimes some conditions in each U/Academy are appropriate and suitable with you and not to others. This advice not only to you but for others too. . . :3

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