Studying in Russia

~Your Survival Guide~

Student’s Hostels

Moscow Medical Academy

Main Campus :

I.M.Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy,

Trubetskaya street, 8-2,119992, Moscow.


1. Pushkin, Volgina Street. (Kalushkaya, Belyaevo, Yugo Zapadnaya Metro)

2. Sportivnaya, Malaya Piragovskaya Street. (Sportivnaya Metro)

3. Kahovskaya, Azovskaya Street. (Kahovskaya Metro)

Russian State Medical University

Main Campus :

Russian State Medical University,

No 1, Ostravityanova St., 117997, Moscow, Russia.

Hostels :

1. Dom 39, Volgina Street.

2. Dom 35, Volgina Street.

Metro for both hostels: Konkovo (Yellow Line) & Yugo Zapadnaya (Red Line)
Moscow Aviation Institute

Main Campus :

Moscow Aviation Institute, Volokolamskoe Shosse 4, 125993,Moscow, Russia.


1. MAI Hostel, Visa Latsisa Street. (Planernaya Metro)


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